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Posted on 06/29/2021 in Online Visibility

Thinking Outside The Box: How To Make Your Nonprofit Organization Stand Out

Thinking Outside The Box: How To Make Your Nonprofit Organization Stand Out

Thinking Outside The Box: How To Make Your Nonprofit Organization Stand Out 

Image by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

Are you looking for ways to successfully market your organization to attract more funding and volunteers? As a nonprofit, you'll find yourself consistently challenged to do more with less. It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle, though. There are plenty of ways you can innovate to grow your reach beyond traditional media.

The purpose of this post is to share some straightforward marketing ideas you can start implementing right away to cultivate your most engaged audience yet.

Engage with donors

Studies show that a large portion of first-time donors never give again. So much time is spent trying to find new sponsors that existing ones may feel neglected. It’s essential to nourish your relationship with these people and proactively connect with them within the first 30-60 days. Gestures, such as a thank you letter or even a postcard, can add a sentimental touch that will reinforce your appreciation for their assistance and highlight the difference they’ve made.

Past contributors are important contacts to engage with on an ongoing basis. Encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter when they donate means that you can share your future projects and campaigns with them. It’s also a good idea to schedule a donor care activity a couple of times a year—hosting an appreciation event or profiling donors in your communications are great ways to go above and beyond for them.

Make your website work for you

Many organizations feel unsure about the expense of building and maintaining a website. However, you should consider it the face of your nonprofit and the central hub for all of your digital communications. People should be able to log on and gather the exact information they’d gain from talking to you in person. This includes when and where they can sign up to volunteer, the closest opportunity to them and the easiest way to donate online.

Your website content is worth a lot more when it is value or impact-driven. Think about the people you’re trying to attract and put yourself in their shoes—the reason they’re donating to you is that they feel good about what you’re doing. Show them the impact their donation is making, tell them how you used the investment they made last year and give them a reason to give again this year. 

Plan ahead

Advance scheduling is one of the simplest ways to create structure. Having a content calendar in place means you’ll be able to post regularly, allowing your audience to familiarize themselves with your mission and look forward to reading your content.

You'll find that a little bit of planning saves you a lot of time in the long run. Two weeks of scheduling frees up your brain and allows you to focus on the other “hats” you're wearing within your organization. It also gives you a sense of achievement before you've even started, which is an excellent incentive for procrastinators. 

Get involved with global movements

Giving Tuesday started as a charitable alternative to Black Friday and serves as a global generosity movement that encourages people to do good. Many organizations will throw together a quick Instagram post on the day, but taking the time to plan and create content tailored to attract new prospects looking for a charity to donate to could provide a welcome boost to your fundraising efforts.

There’s a wealth of information on the Giving Tuesday website with resources for campaigns and creative ideas for getting involved. It’s easy to register for a free donation page and donations received may also be eligible for matching gifts. 

Invest in video

People are drawn to visual content, so creating videos for your website and social channels can make a massive difference to your campaigns. With nonprofit movements often providing an emotional appeal, it can be easier to convey this emotion through video—you can tell stories, show impact and educate people about your mission. There’s no need to hire a videographer, although it would be a good investment if you have the budget. With technology as advanced as it is, a quality smartphone is perfectly acceptable.

Make yourself discoverable

Increasing your visibility on search engines and social media is one of the best ways to drive the right people to your organization. Using relevant keywords and hashtags will optimize your content and increase your ranking. The Google Ad Grant is also a valuable tool for placing you at the top of the search engine. It gives you the foundation you need so that if somebody is searching for exactly what you’re doing, they won’t slip through the net. 


The biggest takeaway from this post is the importance of a strong digital presence and its impact on your marketing campaigns. Implementing small, simple changes can take your organization to the next level and boost your online fundraising efforts.

Written by: Mairi Ronald