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Posted on 07/06/2020 in Additional Funding Opportunities


Lower card processing with Rebates to you.

Almost all nonprofits and their corporate sponsors accept credit cards and pay high card-processing fees.

Sharing the Credit (STC) is a heart-centered card processor that uniquely benefits nonprofits. 

In addition to likely lowering your transaction costs, STC donates a portion of those costs to your nonprofit or to your corporate sponsors’ favorite charity (i.e., yours). By adopting STC processing, you therefore earn twice: lowering your costs for your donors and supporters plus donations to fund your operations. So first you save and then you gain. What’s not to like?

For further information, please see https://SharingTheCredit.com/TerryBean/

Here are some examples of nonprofits funded by STC:


  • Adventure in Missions
  • Christ Community Health
  • Coastal Jail Ministries
  • Covenant Care Adoptions
  • Crossroads Christian Fellowship
  • His Radio5859
  • Matt Crump Ministries

Community- and Schools-focused

  • Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Isle of Hope
  • Pooler Elementary School
  • Savannah Country Day School
  • Young Life Savannah
  • St. Andrew’s School
  • St. Vincent’s Academy
  • The 200 Club of the Coastal Empire
  • Humane Society of Greater Savannah
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • The Living Vine
  • The Thacher School
  • United Way
  • Toys for Tots