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AGIF Collaborative Fundraising Program

Throughout the year, the AGIF network will be hosting cause-oriented fundraising campaigns. Our goal is to bring nonprofits together, share resources, and raise funds to serve our communities. 

Each of our fundraising events will be associated with a specific cause. Identified nonprofits that serve the selected cause will be invited to participate. Chosen nonprofits will be the primary participants and beneficiaries of the campaign, along with the AGIF and other member organizations secondarily.

These will be community efforts that require all participating parties to do their part. We will provide marketing materials and templates for network members to share and rally their followers to contribute.

Who can participate?

Primary participating organizations will be identified by the AGIF team if they serve the selected cause. However, member organizations who are not selected will receive a small portion of the funds raised, and are still encouraged to share the campaign with their supporters. To be eligible to receive funding, all organizations must first apply and be listed in our Directory.

Where will these events take place?

These campaigns will be held online. The AGIF will create the fundraising materials and pages to be sent through email and social media. We will provide the timeline for the event as well as a calendar for sending out campaign materials. 

Why participate in these events?

As a nonprofit impact network, we’ve found that many of our member organizations have more in common than they know. Not only is this event a great opportunity to expand your network through like-minded, similar organizations, but it’s also a great way to connect and collaborate as a community effort. By participating, you will engage with fellow nonprofits that will share and support your mission objectives with their audiences, thus expanding awareness to your cause through a collective effort. You will also be able to further network and share information and resources with each other, all while raising funds. 

Potential Causes: 

- Veteran Issues

- Child Welfare

- Food Banks

- Healthcare

- Women’s Issues

- Mental Health

- Substance Abuse

- Homelessness 

- Disaster Relief