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Why list in The AGIF Directory?

The advantages of creating a directory presence

How does it
benefit us?

What does a directory do?

An AGIF Directory listing can drastically improve your organization's online visibility, search engine rankings, and brand awareness, regardiess of how large or small your organization is.

Some other benefits include:

  • Each listing is a robust mini-website
  • Listings help build reputation and reach
  • You generate trust through increased visibility
  • Your social media efforts become more effective
  • Listings create back links which are great for improving search engine rankings, to name just a few ...

Our Mission

Get you Noticed

Provide Services

Facilitate Growth

Your Directory listing is just the beginning...

Once you claim your listing, you become a member of the AGIF community and gain instant access to a growing array of nonprofit empowerment tools, features, and programs ... most of which are FREE:

  • A robust, results-oriented, month-to-month, customized social media program
  • Many passive and ongoing income streams
  • A podcast and video to attract donors
  • 130+ courses, ranging from funding to marketing and strategic planning
  • Eight management reports to improve your operations
  • And much more.

What Our Nonprofit Members Are Saying!

"..We had four new donors within the first week, covering 1/3 of our monthly budget without even lifting a finger."

Bente Petersen,Founder -

"..The AGIF got us three months of operating funds within one month."

Mohammed M Kelleh
Founder and Executive Director -
Basket of Hope Charity

"As a startup non-profit on a [shoe]string budget, it was beyond our wildest dream that AGIF made it possible for us to have this kind of powerful [video] marketing tool."

Lisa Wong, L.AC,
Center for Healing by Design,Inc.

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