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Posted on 11/10/2021 in Personal Development

Multi-Cultural Communication Education: Translating & Interpreting

Multi-Cultural Communication Education: Translating & Interpreting (Course in Development)
Topics to be covered:

  • Translating and Interpreting: What’s the difference?
  • Linguists’ essential qualifications
  • TEP: The main translation process to maximize quality
  • Individual translators vs. agencies (LSPs): Benefits of each
  • Why you or your native speakers should not do the process yourselves
  • Translation Memories: How they save you money
  • Editable formats for the Translation Memory
  • Writing your copy (brochures, programs, websites) for cost savings
  • How to ensure accuracy when you don’t speak the language
  • The top 20 languages
  • Sources of rare languages
  • Chinese: Simplified, Traditional and dialects
  • Why you cannot translate into Mandarin
  • Japanese: Three writing systems
  • Name evaluations to ensure no comical gaffes
  • Live interpreting: Onsite or by Zoom
  • OPI: How to talk instantly with a non-English speaker
  • Getting a translation quote: What agencies need to know
  • Getting an interpreting quote: What agencies need to know
  • Layout / Desktop Publishing
  • Videos: Transcribing, translating, dubbing and subtitling
  • Dubbing vs. subtitling: General costs of each
  • Websites: templates not to use, what linguists need to quote and translate, what to expect
  • Internationalizing: Images, colors, numbers, dates, formats, currencies, etc.
  • Website translation types: Full, abridged or summary
  • Delivery times: What speed to expect
  • Post-translation review and evaluation: How to manage the process

Experience: All

Course type: All

What will student learn:


Course type: All