One of the benefits of AGIF membership is a FREE podcast recording -- impact-oriented, one-on-one interviews of around 30 to 45 minutes that will be shared on our website and can be posted on your own. 

Our partner, CausEcho Studios, will interview nonprofit organization founders and officers to discuss their impact stories. These stories include how these organizations have transformed communities, overcome obstacles, and are dealing with challenges they are facing today.

Broadcasting members’ interviews once a week, your recording will reach an audience of nonprofit executives and interest groups nationwide and worldwide, which represent millions of people and a huge portion of the world economy. 

In addition, when you upload your recording to your own website and/or social media, you will broaden your audience to far more potential donors, supporters, grant makers and collaborators … One more way that the AGIF empowers our members to succeed and thrive.

Need a boost in spreading the word on your mission? Click here to book a spot as a guest on our show!