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Posted on 04/28/2020 in Strategy

Advanced Course on Nonprofit Sustainability - By MAarilyn Donnellon

In this course, we’ll study of how to implement the top twenty strategies for long-term sustainability. At the Course’s end, participants will know and understand the top twenty sustainability strategies for nonprofits, including… 

1. The importance of building sustainability strategies 

2. How to build sustainability strategies throughout the nonprofit 

3. Ways to implement sustainable programs 

4. Strategies for implementing a sustainable resource development program 

5. Why developing sustainability strategies for administration is important 

6. Implementing sustainable strategies for board and volunteer development 

7. How to implement sustainable marketing and brand identity strategies 

8. Ways to expand community involvement for long-term sustainability

Price: $3,725.00

Experience: All

Course type: All

What will student learn:


Course type: All