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Posted on 04/27/2020 in Marketing

Advanced Marketing: Creating a Connected Communication Strategy - By nonprofit.courses

Do you wonder whether all of the busyness of your marketing is helping achieve your organization’s goals? In the effort to promote everything you are doing, it is easy to lose connection between your communication tactics and your strategic plan.

For marketing and development communications to be effective, there needs to be alignment between audience, message, image and experience. The funniest video or most moving letter will not help long-term unless all activities are pointed towards achieving organizational goals.

In this class, we’ll discuss how to start communicating strategically, staying on goal, on message, and on schedule. Discover the tools of effective planning—and achieve better outcomes this year.

You’ll Learn:

  • The elements of an effective communications plan, including goals, strategies, objectives and tactics.
  • How to choose what things you should be doing out of all the things you could be doing.
  • To create an Action Plan to give yourself a clear vision of the goal, timeline, budget, tasks and team member roles for each of your projects.
  • How to evaluate and prioritize new initiatives

PRICE: $1,795.00

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What will student learn:


Course type: All