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Posted on 04/28/2020 in Strategy

NGO Clarity Session - By Eva Slater

Purpose: The NGO Clarity Session is a coaching session for one individual. In the session we create your crystal-clear vision of your purpose and what you want to accomplish through (or within) your NGO; we uncover hidden obstacles that may be sabotaging your success; and you leave the session uplifted, re-energized, and inspired to achieve your vision. 

The session benefits you as a stand alone or an introduction before enrolling in “NGO Success Coaching,” detailed above.

Structure: Dr. Slater meets with the individual one-on-one via phone, Skype, or video call for a single coaching session. The session typically lasts one hour but ranges from 30 to 90 minutes. 


$70 for one individual for one session

Experience: All

Course type: All

What will student learn:


Course type: All