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Posted on 04/27/2020 in Strategy

The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting - By nonprofit.courses

The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting is just what it says: practical, and specifically about working with nonprofits. The book doesn’t just tell you what to do. Through 140+ exercises – big and small – you take the steps necessary to build your own business working with nonprofits. You will…

 Figure out whether consulting to nonprofits is the right path for you. Build your support systems and infrastructure, like where you will be working, setting goals, building your team, examining your hardware and software needs (and more) Make sure you have the systems in place, like accounting, banking, budgets, attorney, insurance, registration, pricing, (and much more) Build your marketing to generate sales, from laying the groundwork in selecting your niche and identifying your target markets, to specific techniques to get nonprofits to recognize you as a valued service provider (and much, much more) Whether you’re exploring, starting up, or an experienced consultant or freelancer, you’ll find powerful exercises to build your confidence, identify where you need to grow, and set a platform for hitting the ground running in your nonprofit consulting business.

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