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AGIF Testimonials

"Basket of Hope Liberia for women and children is now known by International organizations through AGIF social media promotions on Facebook and Twitter. Through those and other recommendations, AGIF got us three months of operating funds within one month. The AGIF has also helped us create a positive marketing image for our projects and program activities on their platform that have far-reaching social media coverage. I am so grateful [to] the AGIF for all the positive services provided to our team in helping us build our capacity to professional standards as a local grassroots community organization in Liberia."
Founder and Executive Director at Basket of Hope charity
We have been very happy with the work done by The AGIF. When we signed up in October of 2018, we had four new donors within the first week, covering 1/3 of our monthly budget without even lifting a finger. They have been very responsive and supportive, hearing us out and understanding our needs. I would highly recommend The AGIF to other small non-profits.
Bente V. Petersen, Handability
California, USA
Our partnership with the Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation has been powerful and deeply satisfying… What the AGIF does better than any organization is to create sustained levels of high visibility.
Sheila Robinson-Kiss, Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative
New Jersey, USA
"I am eternally grateful for the top-notch professional video-editing work that the AGIF did for our non-profit's PR efforts. From intro video to testimonial sizzle reels, the AGIF creates stunning and impactful videos that enable us to powerfully communicate our cause and story. This kind of work can easily cost thousands of dollars. As a startup non-profit with a [shoe] string budget, it was beyond our wildest dream that the AGIF made it possible for us to have this kind of powerful marketing tool." ~ Lisa Wong, L.Ac, Founder, Center for Healing by Design, Inc.
Lisa Wong, L.Ac.
“The AGIF is an unstoppable force multiplier, working tirelessly to serve others. Their continued work with external organizations is remarkable ... such as partnering with us to provide needed Covid PPE products to our heroes. They tirelessly have been helping our Foundation grow and improve for no reason other than who they are as humans. I have witnessed many improvements due to their dedication to ensuring we reach our maximum potential. We at the All Secure Foundation couldn’t be more grateful for their efforts.
Tom Satterly, All Secure Foundation
“After 20 years, we almost had to close our boarding school for 500 deprived children. The AGIF got us a new website and now overseas donors are funding us … so we can keep educating Ghanaian leaders for the future.“