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Posted on 04/06/2020 in Marketing

EZ Digital Card

EZcard is “digital must-have” for every non-profit. It is the perfect, highly affordable, digital marketing platform

for non-profits and many other businesses. It will get the word out, and give you a quick and effective way of communicating with your clients and supporters, as well as a way for them to communicate back with you. Better yet, it will allow them to quickly and easily share your contact information with their friends to build your base of support. Through the free EZcard Non-Profit Affiliate program, it can even be a dynamic (an ongoing) fundraiser for you. EZcard is designed as a do-it-yourself (and manage-it-yourself) web app. It is the combination of a digital business card, mobile website, and smart-phone app, all for just a few dollars a month. Create it by just typing and uploading pictures and videos, then easily send it out via text or email. Non-profits usually don’t have an IT guy on staff for digital marketing, but even if you do, you need an EZcard! Please ask about our non-profit discount!

$89. Full E-Z Card (Unlimited access to features) 

$10. Basic E-Z Card: Your information, contact info, and organizational summary.