Support the AGIF

Contributions to the Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation will support our work to provide optimal solutions and sustainability practices for other nonprofits. Support us in building and creating programs and services that will benefit our local and world communities. Thank you!

Direct Donations


If you are a business that accepts debit cards, credit cards and ACH, you likely pay high merchant-processing fees.
In addition to likely lowering your transaction costs, STC will donate a portion of those costs to the AGIF. By adopting STC processing, you therefore earn twice: lowering your processing costs and funding us so we can support your community nonprofits, all at no extra cost to you! What’s not to like?
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Everyone buys something most every day -- basics such as food and clothes and/or “incidentals” such as sporting goods, entertainment, restaurants, travel, etc. We are delighted to introduce a unique way that you can fund yourself personally and fund the AGIF just by regular shopping … through our partner Dynamic Pay. With 300+ big-name retailers at over 500,000 US nationwide locations, from whatever price you pay, a percentage goes back to you and a percentage comes to the AGIF … so that we can empower nonprofits in your community. Both of us benefit! Dynamic is not an MLM and is not a discount club. To learn more, click here. Be sure to watch the video.
To enroll or get more information, fill out “Get started today” at the end of the link.


Enroll here on your computer or phone to round up the price of all purchases made with your registered credit or debit cards (For example, something for $25.43 rounds to $26). The differences (.57 in this case), up to a maximum you set, are aggregated and remitted to AGIF at the end of a month.