Nonprofit Center for Healing By Design, Inc. in San Jose CA

Center for Healing By Design, Inc.

San Jose, California, 95126

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  • Center for Healing By Design, Inc.
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  • 76 Race Street
    San Jose, California, 95126
    United States

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  • Year Established
  • 2015
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  • United States of America

More About Center for Healing By Design, Inc.

Offerings include:

Individual acupuncture/acupressure consultation and treatment
Self-care education classes and workshops
The revolutionary Self-Care AcuPak™
Free community support group / Healing Circle By Design Facebook Group


Discover your body’s powerful self-healing system

Are you aware that you have the ability to relieve pain and discomfort, revitalize your energy, improve your sleep, and boost your immune system — within minutes — right at your fingertips? Part of the magnificent design of our bodies is to heal and to provide us with the means to stimulate and accelerate that healing. It’s like we each have our own self-care kit built right in to us, going every where we go.


Gentle Acupuncture, with or without needles

Experience gentle yet powerful acupuncture sessions with licensed acupuncturist and auricular medicine specialist, Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac. Lisa’s approach is informed by a profound passion to help people heal that has blossomed from a very young age. Her Whole Body Exam and Tune-up Treatment will get your systems primed and optimized! But more than that, Lisa will teach you self-care methods that you can easily integrate into your day-to-day routine, that will make a world of difference to your health!

Having experienced the traumas of needles when she was sick with a kidney infection as a child, Lisa has developed a unique set of methods to deliver all of the power of acupuncture without the use of needles. If needles are a problem for you (or even if they’re not!) we invite you to schedule a needless-session with Lisa.


The Healing by Design Method™