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Translating and Interpreting

  • 72% of the world does not speak English
  • The US has over 60 million Latinos of whom 56% speak Spanish and English OR Spanish only.

If you are not targeting these communities or If you are not delivering your programs in other languages, what opportunities are you missing?The AGIF can put anything you've got into 120+ languages, including the indigenous ones of India, Africa and Asia …. using professional translators with years of experience and expertise in your subject terminology.That means that you can display your website, convert your videos, put your manuals and even write letters for non-English audiences.

But what if people write back in their native languages?

No problem. We can rapidly translate anything back into English so you can draft a reply. Then we can translate it into your respondents' languages.

But what if I need to speak to someone or present a program?

No problem either. The AGIF also provides professional interpreters, people who render spoken communication for meetings or conferences. And from us you can get interpreters to deliver your programs at any time almost anywhere in the world.

Need to talk to someone NOW?

Still not a problem. We can also provide instant interpreting by telephone …. 365/24/7 in over 300 languages for only cents per minute! All we need is your credit card for monthly invoicing, charged ONLY when you use the service. No usage = No billing. Very simple!


Do NOT rely on Google Translate or other software programs. Those are good to get the gist of what a foreign file says, translated into English. But these programs should NOT be used to present your face to the world … such as for your website or brochures. Comical mistakes from software can create a very bad impression of your professionalism and expertise. That's why you need your message conveyed accurately, professionally and rapidly using experienced human linguists.