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Posted on 04/07/2020 in Consultants

Basic Trademark Screening Search

Thousands of trademark law suits are filed in US courts every year with an average cost of full litigation of about

$400,000, enough to wipe out a business. Non-profit organizations are subject to trademark laws just like everyone else. Yet, many of these disputes could have been completely avoided by doing a trademark search. You should always start with your own discrete search on the internet and through other sources easy for you to use. If that goes well, you should follow it up with a professional search.

Our proprietary trademark search process:
takes into consideration the many factors that courts use to decide if brands are too close
is usually much more rigorous than the searching done at the US Trademark Office, and
includes explaining the results of the search to you in plain language

Our clients tell us that they sleep well at night because of how we do our searches and how we prepare our applications. Many law firms just hand the job to research to a paralegal or farm it out to a search firm and then sign off when it is ready. Our process includes a multi-level checklist review designed to ferret out problems before the application is filed. Accordingly, our success rate in getting registered trademarks is significantly higher than the average, at least in part due to our unique ways of searching and preparing applications to be filed.

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