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We know the feeling well — running a nonprofit can feel like your work is never done. You have many of the same needs as a profitable business and a fraction of the resources needed to make it all happen. Where do you go when you need to plan a fundraising event, spread the word to potential donors,

That's why we created our library of Premium nonprofit resources — to modernize your organization and make your job a lot easier. We offer access to the same cutting-edge digital marketing platforms and easy-to-use management tools used by nonprofits across the globe to grow their audience, streamline their operations, and help more people in need.

Get access to…
  • an unlimited event streaming platform
  • financial management tools designed for nonprofits
  • a professional photographer with special discounts
  • funding opportunities without needing grants
  • courses tailored to nonprofit courses on topics such as leadership, grant writing, strategy development, staff and board development, organizational plans
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