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Posted on 04/07/2020 in Marketing

Jeff Colhoun Photo, Film & Design

I’m a photographer and cinematographer that is passionate about meaningful work. I actively collaborate with nonprofit organizations to help raise awareness of movements dedicated to positive global impact. I have an active social media
presence, a large, engaged community, prior experience representing global brands and have had the pleasure, privilege and responsibility of working on dynamic international projects for marketing firms, tourism boards, NGO’s, international publications, and others.



Day rate – (Includes gear)

  • Video – $800
  • Photo – $600
  • Travel Days $150
  • Per diem (if meals not included) $50

*Editing typically included with international bookings unless otherwise specified

Domestic USA

Day rate (Includes gear) $1200

Hourly (Includes gear) $200 (3 hour minimum)

Travel Days (outside of San Francisco area) $100 day


Photo Branded content campaign $3,500

  • Image concept, capture and editing
  • Includes 3 days of shooting
  • 30-50 deliverable images for perpetual use

Example: http://bit.ly/2HetruU

Video Branded content campaign $5,000

  • Includes video concept, capture and editing
  • Includes 3 days of shooting
  • 2-3 minute long deliverable video
  • 20-30 still images

Example: http://bit.ly/2JhgUt8

Branded Short Documentary $15,000

  • Includes video concept, capture and editing
  • Includes 6 days of shooting internationally (additional days can be added at day rate)
  • Includes editing and associated production costs
  • 7-12 minute short form deliverable documentary
  • 20-30 still images

Example: http://bit.ly/2HtN7Kz

Editing (for both photo and video) $200 hourly

*does not include travel or miscellaneous expenses

*bad weather standby ($200 a day as needed)

*foreign Language videos have a $1000 dollar premium added

*all prices are in USD

All above rates are for registered Non-Profit organizations or 501c3's