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Posted on 04/20/2021 in Consultants

Lynne Brisdon

Lynne Brisdon, MCC coaches non-profit leaders to engage and inspire their teams to increase overall performance by up-levelling Conversational Intelligence® and developing communication and delegation skills. She works with Directors, Senior Managers and emerging leaders in non-profit and public-sector organizations serving in health care, housing, education, science and technology and environmental agencies. Drawing on over twenty years of coaching experience she’s personally served in Director roles on non-profit boards, contributing to their operations and worked for large non-profit agencies as a Program Manager, and Business Coach.

Coaching Services for Non-Profit

1:1 Leadership Coaching accelerates goal achievement and adoption of a leadership mindset. In an engagement specifically focused on the leader’s learning, conversations are tailored to address the client’s needs for meeting goals, overcoming challenges, and improving behaviours in alignment with organizational goals and mission.

Leadership Team Coaching applies similar methodology to support a team of leaders to develop a leadership mindset together with their learning and growth supported by the coaching engagement. Groups of 3 – 6 leaders welcome.

CALMunication Coaching Program introduces a ‘leader as coach’ approach by applying Conversational Intelligence® principles and methodology. The Neuroscience of Conversation® has demonstrated effectiveness in improving trust in the workplace, leading to increased engagement, productivity, innovation, and developing high performing teams.

Coaching Packages:

1:1 Leadership Development

6 hours coaching over 6 months


1:1 Leadership Development +

10 hours coaching over 10 months


Leadership Team Coaching

8 hours coaching over 10 months


CALMunications Coach Program

8-hour group program over 8 months


Customized variations of the above packages available on request.

Client Testimonial 

I am so thrilled with the positivity that has come from our coaching sessions.  Lynne’s approach is open and honest.  She provides opportunities for discussion and reflection.  I have had many “Aha” moments both in our sessions and since.  She has provided me with tools and insight that have proven invaluable in the art of leadership…. I am connecting with my staff; they feel valued and are working hard.  Some have shared feedback:

“… your support and kindness make a huge difference in my life.  A person cannot help but be affected by your energy that is both positive and uplifting.  I look to you as a mentor, and as someone that I hold in high regard.” 

Another, “…sees me as a model of professionalism.”

Wow – thank you for all you have given me!!!

                                                                          Senior Manager, Community Housing