Our Purpose

As the nonprofit for nonprofits, our mission is to advance your mission in whatever country you are based.

We aspire to empower you and your team to improve your community.

Your One-Stop Digital Toolbox

Extend your team with the AGIF's one-stop digital toolbox. First, join our online Directory. Then choose what you need and access these free resources:


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Expanding your reach is key to your success.

The AGIF can enhance your social media presence, enable you to reach multicultural and overseas communities, and tell your story through video.

Other services available for a fee:

Social Media Campaigns

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Why join The AGIF?

1. Boost awareness of your organization

2. Attract donors, supporters and collaborators

3. Learn more and strengthen your management

4. Increase funding with ongoing sources.

Some results our nonprofit members have reported ...

"1/3 of our monthly budget funded in one week" -

"3 months of operating expenses in one month" -

"An unstoppable force multiplier" -